The Impact Of 3D Printing in Our Lives

Are you familiar with 3D printing and all the impacts it has on our everyday lives? It may not be something we think about on a day to day basis but there’s no doubt, it impacts much of our daily lives.  From improvements and advancements in transportation, medicine and even food creation, 3D printing impacts our lives more than you could’ve ever guessed.  It has even been said that 3D printing is the “manufacturer of tomorrow.”  It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and one that will continue to influence us, our lives and our world for an indefinite time to come. Let’s take a more in-dept look at just how much 3D printing impacts our lives.

How 3D Printing Impacts Our Lives


Advancements in the Medical Field

The Construction Industry

Food Creation

The Impact on Transportation

Transportation is something that quite literally drives our world. Without it, we’re stuck and without improvements, we’re going nowhere fast. And most modes of transportation, from cars to airplanes, are expensive to design and produce. This is where 3D printing comes into play. Did you know, by 2020, at least 100,000 airplane parts will be designed and produced through 3D printing?  This has the potential to improve the efficiency of the individual parts as well as the airplanes as a whole. Through 3D printing practices, it will be possible to make the parts lighter, simpler and easier to produce than ever before!

Advancements in the Medical Field

If there is any sector in which we need to ensure constant and efficient advancements, it’s in the medical field. Medicine is expensive and challenging and more then ever, people need proper care. Thanks to 3D printing and it’s ever evolving technologies, by 2025, 3D printers will have the ability to print human organs.  Yes, that’s right, you heard correctly!  By simply using a patient’s individual DNA, 3D printers will be able to create, develop and create real, human organs.  So, for example, rather than completely replacing organs in situations like cancer, failure and disease, using 3D printing technology, we can instead repair the affected organs. This means massive, incredible, positive change for the medical industry and it’s growing number of patients!

An Evolving Construction Industry

While cities grow unlike ever before, this also means construction and the construction industry has to grow and progress to meet demand. Thanks to mergers between 3D printing and many parts of the construction industry, buildings will be able to be designed and created through 3D printing!  Dubai, one of the most state-of-the-art cities in the world, has already attempted it and has named the building “the Office of the Future.”  By using 3D printing technologies to design and create buildings, it will save the construction sector on all fronts, such as labor and even the cost of materials.  The United Arab Emiratis, among other nations, feels so strongly about the future of 3D printing that it’s intended to used 3D printing to create at least 25% of its skyline by 2030.

Food Creation

Food availability and security is an issue all over the world and it’s only expected to become a bigger, more serious issue in the future. Meaning, there has to be change if we want to solve these problems, globally. When it comes to 3D printing, there are bounds and leaps being taken in the food sector.  For example, by 2045, we, as humans, will not only have the ability to create food in a 3D printer but most kitchens will be equipped with them before we know it! From pizzas to entire meals fit for families, this is a quickly developing advancement we all can look forward to.

The Bottom Line

Now, you have enough basic and interesting information to see just how much 3D printing does and will continue to impact our lives. From using 3D printing to create food for you and your family, right in your kitchen, to entire city skylines one day being designed and built from 3D printers, to airplane parts produced in a stronger, lighter and more efficient 3D printed capacity, to actual human organs being repaired through the technologies of a 3D printer, the future becomes brighter and brighter! There are so many positive things on the horizon when it comes to 3D printing and there is no doubt, it will continue to impact our lives for many years to come!



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