UI Design for Businesses that need Websites

            Are you familiar with UI Design and the wide range of benefits and uses it has?  If your business is currently in need of a website, or, at the very least, an update to an existing website?  Did you know that UI Design can be immensely beneficial to a business’s website?  Whatever your intentions, needs or goals are for your business, UI Design is hands down, an important technology to be informed on!  Let’s take an in-depth look at UI Design, just precisely what it is, how it works and how it can benefit you, your business and your businesses website!


What is UI Design?

            Before you can understand the many benefits of UI Design or make decisions on it on behalf of your business, it’s first important to understand exactly what UI Design is.  Simply put, UI Design, or User Interface Design (sometimes also referred to as User Interface Engineering) is a technology that’s used to maximize the usability of the user’s experience, whether it be on a computer, home appliance, mobile device, or any general electronic device.

Essentially, UI Design is focused and committed to making the user’s interaction with their electronic device not only as efficient as possible but also as simple as possible.  Furthermore, a well-designed and top of the line UI Design uses specific interactions on the electronic device that are functional, yet user-friendly.

 Oftentimes, the design is aesthetically pleasing but without taking away from the functionality of the overall system.  It’s vital that the design of the UI perfectly balances the visual appeals as well as the user-friendly appeals.  A perfect example of UI Design would be the ability to scroll through all the open applications on your phone using a simple double-tap of a button and a touch screen.  It’s easy, fast, functional and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time!  You can find UI Design in places like your car, most major computer systems, on your cell phone and even on airplanes! 


How Does UI Design Work?

            This is another great question and one that’s important, however, it’s unfortunately one that’s not easily answered.  The biggest thing to remember is that the UI Design system is it’s usually designed and meant specifically for the needs of the user and therefore, the person (or team) designing the UI needs a thorough understanding on the needs of the user.  So, there are a few different strategies used to create a program that’s right for a specific user. 

First, a task analysis is usually done to analyze what the user is looking for, who the potential users might be (and if there will be more than one), what the users will want the system to do on a regular basis, how the system fits in with the user’s work, how familiar the user is with technology and what styles or designs specifically appear to the user.  All of these things are taken into consideration when considering the overall UI Design.


What are the benefits of UI Design?

            The biggest and most obvious of the benefits when it comes to UI Design is that it’s meant, plain and simple:  to benefit you!  As the user, the entire system is fitted around you and what you need.  This means, what you need in terms of functionality, aesthetics and specific uses are the main focus of the system.  So, for example, if your business is on the market for a website, by using UI Design, you can improve your own interactions with the website and if you love your website and find it enjoyable to access than your customer based is much more likely to as well! 

Lastly, UI Design, as mentioned, can also benefit your client base, especially when it comes to a website.  If your website is created around an emphasis of user friendliness, functionality and aesthetically pleasing elements, then your customer base is bound to take note and also love accessing your businesses website.


The Bottom Line

            When it comes to UI Design and its user focused functionality, there can be so benefits for you, your business and your customer base!  From understanding just what UI Design is, to a clarification of how it generally works and how it can benefit your business, this complex topic is now so much clearer!  If your business needs a website, UI Design, is hands down, one of the best considerations you could make, not just for your benefit but for your client base that will utilize your website!