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How do I login to my account?

To login to your account, you need to use your email and password, and click on the link "Login" on the top of any page.

Changing your password

If you need to change your password, you will need to access a different page on our website, that it's not visible through the common links.
To change your password, please visit: and click "Forgot your password". Then follow the instructions.

Updating your email address

To update your email address, you need to access your account page, when you login, and then on the left, you will find a button labeled "Update Profile", under Account, where you can update your information.

Subscription Renewal

Your IBF Design subscription automatically renews depending on the terms you’ve chosen during sign up. This enables you to send requests and have access to our platform. If you signed up on the 10th day of the month and you're on a monthly subscription, your next billing will fall on the 10th day 1 month later. Unsure about your exact sign-up date? Send us an email, and we'll be happy to help.

How to request a design?

To request a new design, first you need to subscribe to a plan. Either Basic or Unlimited provide you the tools to request the designs. Then you need to login to your account, and on the left dashboard, click Designs. Here you'll find the form you need to fill to request the design. The form will be sent to us, and a designer will be responsible for it. After the design is ready, will appear on your files folder, that you can access on the left dashboard of your account in the button "Files".


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