3D View Examples

Spins can be created from any object by 3D modeling and animating it on a turntable. The most common use is as a spinning 360° product view for eCommerce websites and apps.


With IBF Designs, your products will look gorgeous and perfectly optimized for every users’ device – responsive, retina-ready and WebP enabled. Only with IBF's will your users see the perfect size images, tailored to their device. The best product experience, every time.

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iPad Animation

3D models can be turned into interactive spins, then embedded into your website using IBF's.
The nature of 3D models permits them to be animated in ways that would be impossible using traditional 360 photography.


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You'll Be in Good Company


With our 3D integration we create a more detailed and interactive shopping experience, something that lowers returns, and creates greater conversion rates and better sales numbers.

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Everyone in the industry should be this easy to work with.

Morten Hofstad, ByggAkademiet - Norway

They adapted to my needs.

Vincent Trastour, Flamingo Filter - France

Quick delivery, exactly according to specifications!

Johan Hoaglund, Automated Puzzles, Sweden

We do all the work,
And our customers do all the talk.

No matter if you’re just starting your business or scaling sales into the millions, know from some of our IBF clients on how they feel about our support to them.

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